A Fulfillment Center in NJ Combining Fulfillment, Warehousing and Distribution for Efficiency and Cost Savings

About Warehouse and Inventory Management

Fulco Fulfillment has invested in a leading edge system for warehouse and inventory management to maximize accuracy and efficiency in the warehouse. Within close proximity to New York City and at the crossroads of major northeast interstates, FFI is uniquely positioned to accept your freight, manage inventory, coordinate distribution and streamline fulfillment logistics backed by the latest technology and order processing software. Learn More

Outsourcing your fulfillment, warehousing and distribution operations to Fulco Fulfillment, a fulfillment center in NJ, relieves the pressures associated with setting up a multifunctional system of your own. That’s why many CPG and OTC companies, online retailers and specialty suppliers choose Fulco Fulfillment for their fulfillment, warehousing and distributions needs. Our management and experienced customer service teams know which questions to ask to quickly learn about your business. Whether your business is a Fortune 500 company or a start-up, our fulfillment center in NJ can solve whatever challenges your business has when it comes to fulfillment, warehousing and distribution.

How can outsourcing to a fulfillment center in NJ benefit your business?

Fulco Fulfillment Inc. has provided fulfillment services to customers in a wide variety of industries since 2001. We offer a comprehensive blend of supply chain logistics services which include proven expertise in warehousing, distributions and transportation management. We can receive your online fulfillment order and consolidate and streamline your fulfillment and shipping processes in order to:

  • Reduce fulfillment, warehousing and distribution operational costs
  • Improve inventory control
  • Track your operations and avoid problems

Our fulfillment clients benefit from the robust reporting that our Order Management System (OMS) offers. In addition to this, our knowledgeable team of fulfillment experts will track your inventory from the receipt to the distribution through the pick ‘n’ pack process and all the way to shipping.

Reduce fulfillment, warehousing and distribution operational costs NOW

The most obvious benefit that drives lower costs is that every aspect of your fulfillment is professionally handled under one roof. Our fulfillment center in NJ has over 148,000-square-feet of warehouse space in Dover NJ, which is centrally located to points throughout the mid-Atlantic and New England with easy access to Routes 80, 287, 46, and Route 10.

At first glance switching to a new center can seem costly, but the cost savings of having everything in one place far outweighs the costs associated with finding your own storage and fulfillment space, leasing and maintaining your automation equipment, and hiring and managing staff, to name a few.

Improve Inventory Control

Many retailers and large businesses have separate inventory-tracking systems in their fulfillment and distribution centers as well as their physical store locations. This data generally does not synchronize correctly or as fast as management would like, which can make tracking your inventory levels in real time extremely difficult. This can frustrate your team as well as your customers. Fulco Fulfillment’s state of the art Order Management System offers you improved inventory management capabilities. You’ll know at a glance where your inventory stands and how it’s moving off the shelves. This can help you avoid overstocks as well as shortages so you can make on the spot adjustments to meet product demand.

Furthermore, there is no more effective support system for your sales force than Fulco Fulfillment. As our valued customer, you can set the allotments by product or budget and set restrictions as necessary. Alerts are triggered automatically when your inventory is below the established minimum levels. All alerts are sent straight to you when your supplies are reaching low levels so that you can be sure all of your products will be in stock and ready to ship as they are ordered either by your sales team or direct by your customers.

Track your operations and avoid problems

When your fulfillment, warehousing and distribution is managed at a single facility, you will have an all-encompassing view of the entire operation and be immediately able to pinpoint potential issues and resolve them before they become a bigger problem. For instance, if your fulfillment operation is currently in the middle of an unexpected influx of orders, you will be able to easily move workers from the distribution side to help the fulfillment team. On the other hand, if your physical stores begin to experience a shortage of inventory you can move the product from the fulfillment side to the distribution area to alleviate the shift.

Bring it all together … Bring it to Fulco Fulfillment Inc, a fulfillment center in NJ

In order to be successful in the competitive e-commerce space in the Northeast, retailers need a trusted fulfillment center in NJ. We are incredibly flexible and can manage inventory for everything from pharmaceutical sample programs to online consumer purchases. Combining your fulfillment and distribution operations into one centralized location may be your best opportunity to control costs, inventory management capabilities, facility locations, future growth and staffing needs.

Trust Fulco Fulfillment Inc. We want to help support your organization so you can produce record results. And, no matter how large you may grow, we’re ready to scale along with you. To learn more, give us a call at 973-361-1700 or fill out our form and we’ll contact you.