Fulco Fulfillment has invested in a leading edge system for warehouse and inventory management to maximize accuracy and efficiency in the warehouse. Within close proximity to New York City and at the crossroads of major northeast interstates, FFI is uniquely positioned to accept your freight, manage inventory, coordinate distribution and streamline fulfillment logistics backed by the latest technology and order processing software.

Warehouse Management Functionality

Inventory Management

  • Know the exact location and amount of inventory
  • Track product down to the lot level
  • Manage replenishments by establishing minimum inventory levels
  • Define kit components using the system’s built-in kitting module
  • Audit inventory
  • Forecast effectively by examining historical usage reports

Warehouse Operations

  • Automatically assign product location at time of receipt
  • Automatically sort, segregate and batch transactions
  • Automate the organization and prioritization of tasks
  • Optimize picking methods
  • Pack orders accurately with built-in quality controls
  • Manage complex kit compositions
  • Know the exact contents of all boxes shipped


Our system offers a wide range of standard reports, from inventory on hand to lead sources. Custom reports can be built. You can download reports over the web from your desk. Or, we can program the system to deliver reports to you via email based on a set schedule (daily, every Monday morning, etc). Reports contain real-time data and are available in Excel, PDF and rich text formats.

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