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We Use “Right-Size” Packaging

By using right-size packaging for your e-commerce business, your company will display how much it cares about reducing waste. Stop consumer frustration and put an end to over-packaged products.

The Marketing Appeal of Eco-friendly Packaging

Customers are interested in switching their consumption habits so that they can lower their impact on the environment. Therefore, making the switch to sustainable packaging can help influence your customers when they decide which businesses to patronize. While you focus on your e-commerce business, we will focus on making sure you are up to speed in this more sustainable world.

Fulco Fulfillment Sustainable Packaging Options Include:

Biodegradable, zero-waste peanuts made of organic starch: they decompose in water and leave no toxic waste.

Sustainable packing label envelopes made of 100% recycled polyethylene.

FFI offers ProLite Shippers and Duralit envelopes made of 35% recycled materials that are recyclable, waterproof, tear, and puncture resistant.

Corrugated bubble wrap and recycled cardboard squares: a wrap made from up-cycled corrugated cardboard.

Rather than disposing of cardboard, recycling it into corrugated bubble wrap gives it a chance at an additional life as a cushioning material.

Air Pillows made of recycled materials: inflatable air pillows are used to fill voids while packaging.

They can also be packed in boxes to secure loose items. This packaging consists primarily of air since they are small, inflated bags. They can be reused or recycled.

Kraft Natural Reinforced Packing Tape

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