The Benefits of One Partner Handling Kitting, Packing and Fulfillment Processes

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Succeeding in business today demands agility, accuracy and speed to market; especially if your distribution requires arrival at multiple locations on time and on budget. Whether you’re supporting a sales force with materials for a new product introduction, or sending samples to thousands of end users to try your latest product innovation, long gone are the days of coordinating multiple vendors and then waiting weeks for them to get up to speed on your project.

That rusty old supply chain is a thing of the past.

For many pharmaceutical and healthcare companies, and others in similarly competitive markets, multiple links in the chain have been reduced to a single highly experienced partner who can handle the technicalities and scheduling of each job from start to finish.

These companies recognize the benefits of having all of their kitting, packing and fulfillment handled under one roof, through one point of contact, with the flexibility to keep tabs on production, their shipments and status reports 24/7 through user-friendly mobile and desktop applications.

The benefits of a single fulfillment partner

For corporate logistics managers who want to simplify the process and reduce project variables, many find it’s best to trust their warehousing, kitting, fulfillment and distribution needs to a partner who has the bandwidth to support it and the in-house resources to propel their projects along.

Scalability is important, and having a facility at your service that’s large enough to warehouse all of the promotional materials you require to support your business is a necessity. If you have a project that is big in scope, you want to be sure that the demands of the job are handled by an experienced team that can respond in a way that matches your needs. For example, Fulco Fulfillment, Inc. has the trained professionals on staff to achieve speed of implementation many times faster than a multi-vendor scenario. Similarly, for projects with a smaller budget, the company can also accommodate the needs of special projects with limited distribution but perhaps more finely detailed kitting and packing.

Communications with your fulfillment company should be a top priority

When your business is counting on a time-sensitive, multi-faceted fulfillment project to hit its mark on time, you want to have a handle on its progress every step along the way. Working with a partner like Fulco Fulfillment, Inc. can ensure that your business-critical goals are met. Having access to the real-time status of your project from anywhere at any time makes reporting to stakeholders a breeze. There’s no chasing multiple vendors to check the status of inventory or other deadlines along the way. Furthermore, beyond warehousing, kitting, packing and fulfillment, your distribution partner should have established relationships in place with shipping and freight companies in order to ensure seamless, efficient shipping protocols. Fulco Fulfillment, Inc. can offer all of these.

Once the shipment has left the warehouse, being able to track and trace every package as it makes its way toward its final destination is important to make sure management is aware of its progress and recipients can be alerted if delays happen in transit. A company like Fulco Fulfillment, Inc. has made these scenarios simple by investing and leveraging the best technology, not only during the process, but after it exits our dock doors with the use of tracking and tracing, as well as monitoring real-time inventory levels via reports that can be accessed straight from the web.

Paying attention to details in kitting, packing and fulfillment processes

Fulco Fulfillment Inc. uses a multitude of systems to ensure product accuracy and security. Supported by a dynamic order routing protocol, Fulco Fulfillment, Inc. will make sure your order is picked, packed and fulfilled efficiently and accurately.

All kits are cross-checked by the company’s inventory management system which helps ensure the accuracy of client packaging. To eliminate the risk of client materials becoming comingled, the customer products and kitting areas are clearly identified, marked and separated accordingly.

All kitting, packing and fulfillment processes under one roof

Frankly, there’s no good argument why your company’s kitting, packing and fulfillment needs should be handled by several vendors, when one, such as Fulco Fulfillment, Inc., is supremely more efficient. With a 143,000 square-foot warehouse in Dover, NJ, that is centrally located to points throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast, Fulco Fulfillment, Inc. is strategically situated to serve all of your fulfillment needs. To learn more, call 973-361-1700 for more information and to learn how Fulco Fulfillment, Inc. can help your business succeed.