Fulco Fulfillment Optimizes Your Marketing Communication Outlets

Optimize Marketing Communication Outlets

Fulco Fulfillment Inc (FFI) will assist your company optimize marketing communication outlets and select the understock notification level that is the most suitable, based on usage history and expected future usage.  Once your minimum quantity level is reached an automatic email is generated alerting you that you've reached this level and it's time to reorder.  An additional email is generated when the inventory level reaches zero.  Using FFI's marketing communication tools you will not go into a back-order situation. Find Out More

We live in world where there is an ever growing pressure in a highly competitive global economy.  Marketing communication professionals can reduce the costs of their services and try to improve the return on their investments.

The experts at Fulco Fulfillment Inc. have incorporated a strategy that marketing professionals can employ when addressing these always changing conditions known as marketing communication optimization.

Here are the three important goals that Marketing Communication Optimization consists of:
  • Increasing the effectiveness of the communication process incorporated at your business.
  • Increasing the efficiency of your communication process incorporated at you business.
  • Ensuring the compliance of privacy and security rules and regulations that are in place.

Marketing communications optimization starts its journey with a comprehensive analysis of what marketing communications materials are.  How available are they and assess how viable they are when it comes to meeting the objectives of your business?  Reach your sales goals and reaching your appropriate target audience.  We here at Fulco Fulfillment Inc. will be your outsourcing solution.  We will help you meet your various goals which will in turn give you a solid road map on how to move forward.  The most effective choice to optimize your marketing communications may be using our available fulfillment services.

Fulco Fulfillment Inc. will evaluate your production processes. We want you to choose the option that will allow you to provide both the best and most cost effective result. Perhaps traditional offset printing would make the most sense for your marketing needs or would digital (Print on Demand) prove to be the better option? What would be the most cost-effective option for your marketing needs?

To put it simply, marketing communication optimization is consisted of carefully evaluating the market materials that are available to you. Fulco Fulfillment Inc. wants to help increase the efficiency of the communication at your business.

Reducing the total costs that are associated with your communication which include printing, fulfillment storage, insurance, etc. are what we want for you. Here are some factors that you should keep in mind when incorporating marketing communication optimization into your company:

  • Quantity in stock
  • Usage History
  • Expected Life and Future Usage
  • Format
  • Production Options
  • Objective of Communication

Our goal here is to select the right understock notification level that is the most suitable, based upon the expected future usage and format. Your usage history can be used to predict how future usage you will have. We’re trying to save you that headache that may appear along the way by sending automatic emails alerting you that your inventory is low and it’s time to reprint or reorder

Think of these characteristics when jumping into marketing communication optimization.

  • An objective of communication with complex documents with a total annual usage of under 1,000 pieces.
  • Use simple documents that have an annual usage of under 5,000 pieces.
  • Having documents with unknown usage patterns and/or frequent changes.
  • Documents which have reached the end of high usage but need to be retained for reference.
  • Review products that are about to enter back-order status.

A more comprehensive evaluation consists of looking at various client communication streams with the joint objectives of increasing effectiveness as well as efficiency of the communication; say for example, increasing the level of personalization of a particular sales package. According to different studies it is shown that there is a 30 percent increase in response rates to a personalized sales package. So instead of sending all prospects the same sales package, each and every response is particularly designed for a specific prospect which will include things such as the personalization of text, variable contents and other design aspects.

The following factors should be considered in this type of evaluation:

  • Documents that are about to enter back-order status.
  • Usage volume and lifespan.
  • The target audience and purpose.
  • Personalization requirements that include variable content and text.
  • The types of delivery method(s).
  • The Design Constraints.
  • Your production options.
  • The best practices.
  • Your competitors’ methods of communication.
  • Cost optimization.

After this evaluation is complete, the type of production techniques that will best suit your pieces will become clear.

Fulco Fulfillment Inc. is happy to offer a marketing communication optimization solution that will help fit your needs in the most effective way possible. We want to help produce your organization’s marketing materials the way you want while staying cost effective in order to bring forth to you the best results. If this sounds like something that may be of interest to you and your business then visit us at https://www.fulcofulfillment.com/ or give us a call at 973-361-1700.