Successful Outsourced Order Fulfillment Processes for E-Commerce Businesses

E-commerce Integrations

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Transparent, efficient order fulfillment is one of the keys to success for an e-commerce business. Understanding each step of order fulfillment will help you choose the right 3PL for your business and customers.

Better E-Commerce Fulfillment Starts With Systems Integration

At Fulco Fulfillment, Inc. (FFI) orders are received from e-commerce businesses and sellers through a variety of methods. Most commonly, FFI receives its orders through an application programming interface or API. With an API, any online shopping cart can be connected directly to our fulfillment facility in Dover, NJ. The orders can then be picked, packed and shipped at a moment’s notice.

After we receive an order from a client’s e-commerce system, we automatically respond with pertinent information such as tracking data and the level of remaining inventory. This automation is one of the main drivers of our successful fulfillment process.

FFI Offers Many Order Management Solutions

Although most of our clients typically use an API solution, FFI can receive orders in a variety of ways.

  • Batch Download
  • CSV Order File
  • Manual Order Entry

Manual order entry can be used for auto-ship or continuity programs like subscriptions. For the CSV method, it is important to send an updated list of subscribers each month including their corresponding orders. This method is useful for pharmaceuticals and magazines. Direct integration with a client’s online inventory is the most efficient way to work with us, but we are happy to work with any method a client prefers: email, fax or mail order.

Good Warehouse Management Streamlines Fulfillment

After the orders are received, they are printed and organized according to the method of shipping, i.e., two-day, expedited, etc. This allows us to correctly prioritize shipping times. Orders are then categorized by product type and sent to one of our warehouse sorting areas to be unpacked and packed in the preferred method of the client.

Orders are checked for any specific pick and pack instructions such as plastic wrapping or a particularly specified box size.

Throughout the pick, pack and ship process, frequent quality control checks are performed to be sure that each order is accurate. Typically each product is put into a small box or container and given the appropriate protection to avoid breakage during delivery. Smaller boxes with appropriate protection lower the dimensional weight of each package and will help save the client some money.

Efficient Shipping and Inventory Management

Labels for the orders, including shipping instructions, are organized by shipping location. When the orders have been labeled, they are put onto a pallet to prepare for their final journey.

Once the orders are shipped, clients have live access to tracking activity through our Order Management System portal.  FFI can even have tracking numbers sent to the client’s e-commerce system automatically.

Clients can customize their under-stock notification level. An email is sent to the client notifying them that it is time to re-stock, and another email is generated when inventory reaches zero. Since inventory is updated the moment items are shipped, the end customer will know immediately if their order is not available.

Flexible, Effective Fulfillment Helps Businesses Succeed

FFI has taken control of fulfillment and streamlined this potentially complicated process through software integration, efficient inventory and warehousing capabilities, and superior customer service. If you are looking to optimize your fulfillment process, we would love to work with you. We have solutions for all types of businesses! Give us a call at 973-361-1700 or fill out our contact form.