Order Fulfillment Process

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How exactly does the order fulfillment process at Fulco Fulfillment Inc. work? Orders are received from different ecommerce businesses and sellers using a variety of methods. Typically Fulco Fulfillment Inc. receives its orders through the integration of order fulfillment software interacting with the client’s online shopping cart store.

Using Fulco Fulfillment’s expertise in information technology, clients can easily immerse their selling channels in a timely and simple manner. By using an application programming interface, otherwise known as an API, any online shopping cart can be connected directly to Fulco Fulfillment Inc.’s warehouse fulfillment facility located in Dover, NJ and ready to be picked, packed and shipped at a moment’s notice.

Using the API our fulfillment inventory software communicates with a client’s ecommerce system to relay any incoming orders as they arrive. After Fulco Fulfillment Inc. receives these orders any information regarding the order is sent back to the client. This can include information such as tracking information and inventory that may be remaining. Automation is a key asset to a successful fulfillment business and makes Fulco Fulfillment Inc. a valuable source for all of your warehousing and inventory management needs.

The order fulfillment process can be seen as a step by step process that goes in a continuous cycle for as long as needed until the job is complete. Orders are first received by the API software which we mentioned earlier how that all comes into play however clients can send their orders to Fulco Fulfillment Inc. in more ways than one. Clients can send their orders through a batch download , a client can also send their orders through a CSV order file or through a manual order entry which can be used as an auto-ship or continuity program like subscriptions. For the CSV method, it is important to send an updated list of subscribers each month including their corresponding orders which is great for pharmaceuticals and magazines. Despite advances to the order fulfillment process, Fulco Fulfillment Inc. would be more than happy to work with older methods if the client feels more comfortable doing so; email, fax or mail-order, however direct integration with a client’s online inventory remains to be the best way to work with Fulco Fulfillment Inc.

After the orders are received in the fashion the client desires the orders are then printed, usually occurring throughout the day depending on the magnitude of orders arriving at the warehousing facility. Each of the printed orders are organized depending on the method of shipping, this can include things such as two day shipping and expedited shipping which will obviously be given the most priority out of any order that may possibly come through. Depending on the type of product, different areas of the warehouse can be used for different products so the orders are organized once more into the type of product it is and delivered to the appropriate part of the warehouse to be worked on. Warehouse optimization provides a more streamlined and efficient process. To finish the printing and organization process, orders are checked for any specific pick and pack instructions to be included in the orders. These instructions can include things such as the orders being put into plastic wrapping or being put in a larger box as opposed to a smaller one.

Following the print order process the pick, pack and ship process can commence. Throughout the pick, pack and ship process quality control checks are frequently taken to be sure that each order is accurate. The orders are taken in large pallets to be worked on in one of Fulco Fulfillment Inc.’s many sorting areas located throughout the facility. Once a pallet is taken to the sorting area of choice, the products are unpacked and packed in the method that the client desires. Typically each product is put into a small box or container and given the appropriate protection needed so no breakage may occur throughout the delivery process. Smaller boxes with appropriate protection helps lower the dimensional weight of each package and will help save the client some money in the process. Labels for the orders including shipping instructions are given to those working in the pick and packing areas to be put on each order, these labels are organized into different regions to make the shipping process easier. After the orders are labeled, they are put back onto a pallet to prepare for their final journey.

After the orders are shipped out Fulco Fulfillment Inc. closes the order and the client will be able to see that the order is now out for shipping. Client’s have live access to the Order Management System portal to see minute to minute order activity. If the client desires, Fulco Fulfillment Inc. can also provide tracking numbers for the orders to be sent to the client’s ecommerce system automatically. The customers will be able to track their orders and will automatically close out an order in the clients shopping cart. Client’s use their business rules to determine the under stock notification level. Once this level is reached an email is generated to the customer notifying them that it is time to re-stock. Another email is generated when inventory reaches zero. Since Inventory is updated the moment the items are shipped the end customer will know right away and not be caught off guard with an email apologizing for the order not being available at this time because the inventory was not updated on the shopping cart.

Order fulfillment may appear to be a difficult process but with so many orders coming in each day, Fulco Fulfillment Inc. has it down to a science to provide clients with the best experience possible throughout their time working with Fulco Fulfillment Inc.