Uniform Apparel Company Turns to Fulco Fulfillment to Reinvent Their Inventory Management

Fulco Fulfillment, Inc. (FFI) partnered with a rapidly expanding uniform apparel company that was quickly outgrowing their fulfillment and storage areas. They were looking for a 3PL partner that could handle their increasing sales and changing environment and needed a warehousing solution to assist with their supply meeting demand.

Faced with the dilemma that their previous fulfillment provider abruptly shut their doors and went out of business, they found FFI while looking for a suitable 3PL partner to handle their warehousing and fulfillment needs. Owners Jennifer Marcello and Tony Rossi visited the uniform apparel company’s current warehouse to review the current situation. They immediately noted the challenges ahead of them, that would be required to effectively organize the inventory. A lot of work needed to be done before being able to pick and pack orders. To properly manage an accurate inventory for our new client, we would need to work together.

Searching for a Smart Warehousing Solution

To begin, the uniform apparel company’s physical inventory was transferred to FFI’s facility which was then sorted, separated, re-labeled, counted, and placed in picking stations for order fulfillment. As time went by and demand for the apparel grew, so did the varieties and styles on their website.

Seeing the Need for Inventory Management

With all of the new varieties and styles of uniforms on their website and an increase in orders, the company saw that they were outgrowing their basic inventory management system which involved receiving a daily file upload for orders to be completed and shipped out. Working with the client, FFI implemented an API integration with their ecommerce system for real time inventory management.

Building Efficiencies to Accommodate Growth

FFI quickly saw the need to scale our client’s warehouse picking areas to accommodate their growth. With the use of a time study, FFI measured the length of time it took employees to pick orders of various sizes and complexities. Keeping the importance of prioritizing the quickest moving items in the front, over the next five weeks FFI reorganized the majority of warehouse inventory by moving our customer’s entire SKU (stock-keeping unit) list into a dedicated area. In addition, we reviewed the receiving process step by step looking to revamp the way that items came into the warehouse to further help streamline the process.

The Result: A Revamped Warehouse and Inventory Management System

After consolidating inventories into a singular location, FFI saw measured improvements of 14%-18% efficiency increase in our client’s pick rates. Our suggestions to the client on revamping the receiving of their inventory also saw a radical time improvement.

The inventory management ecommerce API integration works seamlessly and provides an interface for client access to live inventory numbers whenever they need them. The integration transmits orders via an automatic order import to FFI’s order management system (OMS) and seamlessly returns tracking information and does an inventory sync. We helped our client automate time-consuming and redundant tasks by replacing error prone manual processes.

With FFI’s help, the client benefitted from a streamlined order fulfillment and management system that helped get orders out faster and built a future-proof system that can scale as the company increases its sales and product offerings.

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Fulfillment and Inventory Control

In order to prevent a kit backorder situation, a major manufacturer and Fulco Fulfillment Inc. (FFI) worked together to set-up an automatic reorder system.

The FFI order management system allowed us to set minimums for each kit, kitting supplies and component of each kit. When inventory levels reach the minimum level an automatic reorder notification is generated. The notification goes to the appropriate printer or supplier of each component creating an automatic reorder. Kits remain stocked at all times and never fall to zero.

FFI created a web shopping cart for wholesalers in the field to order kits. To keep the customer’s wholesalers informed, FFI set the system to automatically generate email notifications for order confirmations and order shipments. Order shipment emails also include a tracking number.

The Ethical Manufacturing Order Fulfillment Success Story

The shoppers of today expect their items to arrive on their doorstep quickly. They want the ability to track their items during every step of their journey, and they expect their items to arrive in pristine condition. These buyer expectations were becoming a challenge to one of our customers, an ethical manufacturing customer. A wholesale B2B and B2C retailer, they sell products to wholesale boutique shops, large retailers, and Amazon direct, that were created by artisans and artists. They were growing rapidly and needed to optimize their e-commerce order fulfillment processes.

Growing Businesses Need the Right Fulfillment Partner

This manufacturing customer’s accelerating product demand was creating a fulfillment bottleneck. Having their orders kitted, picked, packed, and fulfilled out of their increasingly cluttered basement was no longer an option. They needed a fulfillment solution that could scale and support the growth of their business, and they turned to FFI to help them.

Within their first full year of operation after switching to Fulco Fulfillment Inc.’s services, our ethical manufacturing customer was able to triple their order volume.

The Customer Had Unique Fulfillment Challenges

Shipping: Finding a provider that has the correct expertise to keep up with order volumes.

Location: Pinpointing location and finding a 3PL partner located in the NY/NJ tri-state area to give the customer the ability to quickly and conveniently access their product.

Specialized Packaging: Finding a fulfillment provider with excellent attention to detail who supports their personalized touch. All packages are paper-wrapped and sealed with a logo sticker, including packing tape customized with their colorful logo.

Sales and Marketing: Getting meaningful, trustworthy fulfillment services so that they could focus on sales and marketing and continue to grow their business.

Trade Shows: Our ethical manufacturing customer displays at major trade shows and holiday markets throughout the year. In this method of marketing, the product has a chance to shine and captivate new customers. The fulfillment provider must get the product there on time and in good condition.

Customer Communication: Customers expect excellent communication, including phone calls, frequent status updates, and shared details about deliveries.

Timing Is Everything: At the time, peak shopping season was just around the corner and this ethical manufacturing company needed a solution that could help them meet and exceed their demands even when facing an unknown future.

Successful Fulfillment Creates Business Growth

Shipping/Freight Savings: Outsourcing fulfillment to FFI has allowed this customer to enjoy the combined freight discount offered by FFI, substantially lowering their shipping costs.

Inventory Management: Using Fulco Fulfillment Inc.’s Order Management System (OMS) and Warehouse Management System (WMS), this ethical manufacturing customer saw their inventory management streamlined. With the Veracore software platform, they manage inbound and outbound shipments along with inventory volumes and order status in real time.

Determining the Right Location: The customer’s base of operations in the New York East Coast Area meant that FFI in Dover, NJ was in an ideal location, conveniently located right off of Route 80, Route 46, and with access to Route 287 and Route 10. Clients can visit the warehouse and stop in for a continued hands-on type of approach.

Dedicated Client Service Manager: At FFI, a dedicated client service manager is assigned to each account and operates under the client service manager team of dedicated pickers. Our team ensures quality control of customized packaging by learning and mastering the details of each client’s specialized packaging needs.

Focus on What They Do Best: By choosing FFI to handle their fulfillment needs, our ethical manufacturing customer was able to increase marketing efforts and sales instead of being consumed by managing shipping and inventory.

Holiday Markets and Trade Show Solutions: FFI’s order management system allowed our client to allocate, manage, and track all of their tradeshow assets. They received special deliveries of materials directly to the New York City holiday show in a small delivery window and, upon conclusion of the show, items were picked up by FFI personnel and received back into client inventory.

24/7 Web Access: Our ethical manufacturing client now has 24/7 web access to its entire inventory via our web portal. They can generate reports, set understock notification levels, access order inquiries to track shipping status, or see a history of inventory usage.

Consistent Results: The FFI team has tested and optimized processes that streamline operations and get orders out on time. Even during peak season, our team has kept and maintained an astounding 99.8% accuracy on all orders.

Fulco Fulfillment Provides the Right 3PL Solutions

Fulco Fulfillment Inc. has improved this ethical manufacturing customer’s supply chain. It reduced the amount of time it takes orders to reach their valuable customers and increased the efficiency of their orders from vendors. In addition, FFI provided logistics solutions at a variable cost to maximize efficiency during the retailer’s peak and non-peak seasons.

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