Why Businesses Are Moving to Polybagging for Mailing and Fulfillment

A polybag is a clear plastic (i.e. polyethylene) bag that is used to safely pack a variety of materials together. Polybags are popular for packaging small supplementary publications such as newspapers or magazines. They’re also good when including additional pieces in the bag such as coupon offers and brochures along with the publications.

We are seeing an increase in polybagging being used in the direct mail industry as a marketing tool. A direct mail piece can be more effective when packaged with a clear envelope. Would it pique your interest if something transparent arrived at your doorstep?

Polybagging has been recognized as a powerful marketing tool and has been used frequently in European countries for years. We are now catching up in the U.S. and North America. Polybagging can be utilized for these materials and products:

  • catalogs
  • brochures
  • magazines
  • periodicals
  • booklets
  • pamphlets
  • industrial products
  • consumer goods
  • retail products
  • medical products
  • healthcare products
  • Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) products

What are some benefits of using polybagging?

Polybags can achieve higher open rates.

The most common reason to use a polybag for your product is to achieve a higher open rate. A polybagged piece gets opened more frequently and quickly in comparison to traditional direct mail pieces. Being able to see the contents that are inside can not only be intriguing, but it makes the piece more impactful and leaves a lasting impression on the recipient. This reason alone should be enough to make you convert over to polybagging instead of sticking with traditional envelopes.

Polybags are cost efficient.

In addition to getting higher open rates with polybags, you might be able to save money when compared to using traditional envelopes. That’s because polybags add less weight to your packages, helping to lower the cost of postage. With polybagging, you can also save time and money particularly when it comes to larger pieces that would ordinarily require a bigger envelope. Not only can you save on postage, but you won’t have to pay for the printing and the design that depicts your branding on each envelope.

Polybags are versatile.

Once you begin polybagging you’ll quickly notice how versatile it is for housing your mail pieces. With a polybag your packages can conform to the size of the package rather than having to conform to the size of the envelope. The polybags can take the shape of any size mail piece, this can range anywhere from a thin and small type of package to a much larger and thicker package. A polybag can also provide durability to your product as well as keep it protected from things such as water damage and tearing. Polybags aren’t bound by size limitations either. Unlike envelopes they can be wrapped around mailers of any size.

How can Fulco Fulfillment Inc. can help you meet your sales goals with polybags?

Your mailings will stand out from the crowd.

Polybags are versatile and simply more unique and fascinating than envelopes when it comes to moving product. Addresses can be added to the bag in the form of a label, or be printed on the enclosed materials so that it’s visible through the clear film. Consumers love to see what’s inside a clear envelope rather than having to open a paper one. A polybag gives them a “sneak peek” inside and gives you a perfect platform to share your product benefits upfront.

Fulco Fulfillment Inc. offers you several options to print polybags for extra marketing flair. From zip-top bags that can be printed up to 8 colors, as well as CMYK or PMS colors printed on 2 mil. crystal clear plastic.

Polybags protect your marketing materials from damage.

If your business includes product catalogs, fliers or printed coupons in your customer mailings, polybags are a go-to solution to add to your literature fulfillment services. Your customers will instantly see what you want them to see the moment they pick up their mailings, minus dirt, water damage and tears from mishandling.

Polybags keep your mailing pieces neatly together.

In the event you want to include smaller pieces to help make your mailings more meaningful, polybags are an ideal way to go. Perhaps you want to include a small item like an Allen key to help the customer assemble a buildable set that you are sending out. If your customer doesn’t see a small piece like this in an envelope, they could become frustrated and register their dissatisfaction online and elsewhere. With polybags, you can organize these small pieces easily and without any risk of losing them in the mailing process as opposed to them becoming lost in an envelope.

Is polybagging the right choice for your business?

Fulco Fulfillment Inc. located in Dover, New Jersey, is happy to help you easily transfer from traditional envelopes to polybagging. Combined, our polybagging and fulfillment solutions can help you lower the cost of your mailings and keep them better protected. Fulco Fulfillment Inc. is easily accessible to New York City, Philadelphia and many more of the United States largest cities. To learn more, give us a call 973.361.1700. We look forward to working with you.

What is polybagging?

Polybagging is a simple process where a printed item or small loose items can be hand inserted into polybags and sealed. Polybagging usually falls under the mailing service banner, but it can be used for packaging and kitting as well. The traditional definition is a clear plastic or polyethylene bag used to package multiple items together. It is commonly used to package a magazine, small supplementary publications, a newspaper or magazine.

Direct marketers love the versatility that comes with polybagging and polybag mailings, since they are always looking for ways to stand apart from the competition.

3 Reasons to Polybag you Next Mailing

1. Stand Out from the Competition

Smart marketers know that polybagging is a great way to stand out from the competition. Virtually any combination of companion pieces can be stacked together to form the mailing. The polybag doesn’t have standard size limitations like an envelope, it can be wrapped around mailers of almost any size. Probably the best reason you would want to use a polybag is so that you can stand out from the competition and achieve a high open rate. Polybagged pieces get opened more frequently and quicker than traditional direct mail pieces. Your brilliant promotional piece will be displayed through the polybag not covered like an envelope. The visibility of the contents is a marketing tool that stimulates interest and makes a lasting impression with the person receiving the mail piece. Printed pieces “pop” and create a more professional and memorable impression. It gives potential customers a sneak peek into what they are receiving.

2. Cost Efficiency

Not only will your mailer stand out but you can also achieve it at the same costs as using traditional envelopes. Polybagging keeps your package light and therefore you postage costs low. Mailing your marketing piece in a polybag saves you money because you are eliminating the cost of a designer and printing services associated with an envelope.

3. Protecting Catalogs and other Printed Materials

Polybagging protects printed materials from damage. Damage can be related to weather or human error. The polybag makes your piece durable and protects it from ripping in the mail stream and protects it from water damage.

Take advantage of high quality professional polybagging services from Fulco Fulfillment Inc (FFI) to deliver any number of printed items such as:
  • Catalogs
  • Brochures
  • Magazines
  • Periodicals
  • Booklets/Pamphlets
  • Annual Reports
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Advertisements with Free Samples

Our polybag services and mail services team will efficiently take care of your polybag project from start to finish maximizing postal savings. Ship your printed materials directly to FFI transmit us your distribution lists and we will do the rest. We will ensure that everything is packed safely and completely prior to shipping or mailing. Fulco Fulfillment Inc can be your full service direct mail provider offering polybagging, mailing list postal data presorting, addressing, sorting mail for lowest postage rate.

In addition to mailings, polybagging is used to polybag small parts together. Marketers bring small parts together in a polybag to prevent loss and organize distribution or ecommerce shipment. Items can be heat sealed into clear bags, custom labeled bags, or preprinted suffocation warning bags. Post bagging weigh station for 100% accuracy. If you have unique requirements for you polybagging we specialize in hand assembly and expert quality control. Often companies include small losable parts in orders and a tiny polybag is the perfect solution to not lose the small parts included. FFI also polybags products for our fulfillment customers. Often products are polybagged to prevent damage to the product packed in cartons. During transit cartons can be broken, torn, or open upon arrival. This exposes finished products to dirt, moisture and damage. The polybag protects the product from becoming dirty or damaged during transit. Additionally, the polybags keep stored products clean in the warehouse environment.

Many clients rely on Fulco Fulfillment Inc for their products’ polybagging and hand assembly packaging needs. Your project may be simple or you may be looking to outsource a complicated polybagging project. When automation is not an option, our skilled team of packagers offer polybagging solutions. We can provide efficient and effective polybagging to suit all of your needs. Polybagging is perfect for gift set assemblies, specialty kits, sampling kits, games, cosmetic kits, seasonal items, combination offers and much more.

How your marketing message or fulfillment of your order is organized is very important. Polybagging can make it easy for customers to find small parts or make a big impact with a marketing message. Either way, it’s an affordable alternative to paper envelopes that Fulco Fulfillment Inc can help you implement today.