Fulco Fulfillment Celebrates 20 Years with Customized Distribution Solutions

In September 2002, Jennifer Marcello and Anthony Rossi took their love for the fulfillment business and started a new venture. Now, twenty years later, they are proud to celebrate their success and reflect on their journey. It began when the two met while working together at Direct Mail Services, a large mailing and fulfillment business. Their combined leadership and experience drove them forward.

Their first mission was to invest in fulfillment technology and capitalize on Jen’s sales ability and Tony’s production intensity. Enlisting James Duffy and Robert Boyken to join them, they created Fulco Fulfillment, Inc. (FFI). Mr. Duffy and Mr. Boyken provided much-needed IT experience, and the team was able to combine a record of excellent services with advanced technology to manage the fulfillment process. The rest is history.

Location Means Success for Warehousing and Fulfillment

FFI soon expanded its customer base and moved to 26 Richboynton Road in Dover, New Jersey, its current location. This location is key to FFI’s success, strategically located near major highways, 45 minutes from NYC and major Newark shipping ports. Customers clearly appreciate this convenience, and FFI’s thriving warehouse and inventory management 3PL now boasts 143,000 square feet. We own our own buildings and can offer storage rates that are among the lowest in the Northeast.

Smart Fulfillment Solutions Allow for Seamless API Integrations

“Back in the early 1990s we developed and wrote our own in-house warehouse management system, but today’s technology means that customers demand 24/7 real-time visibility,” said Jennifer. After extensive research, they found Veracore Software Solutions, a smart 3PL software order management system, and warehouse management system that perfectly met their clients’ needs. FFI has created a technology foundation that is sustainable and adaptable enabling FFI to thrive in an increasingly digital world. Our systems and methodologies are an integral part of the way fulfillment works in today’s industry, software that fully integrates with leading companies in e-commerce fulfillment.

Streamlining 3PL with a Flexible Workforce

In addition to having an experienced full-time staff for both production and client service management, FFI has developed an innovative temporary labor pool. FFI relies on our existing full-time employees’ friends and relatives to fill the void when additional help is needed. For over twenty years, FFI has avoided hiring inexperienced temporary help and has relied solely on their on-call staff to handle increased production needs. Our facility combines bulk, racked, and high-velocity pick areas for organized storage and efficient picking. Quick-pick areas are replenished on a regular basis to maintain impressive turnaround times, regardless of volume.

“At FFI we strive to ship orders within the same day if received before 1:00 PM. However, nearly all orders will ship before the end of the next business day. Our product is service, and our job is getting our clients’ orders picked, packed, and shipped to arrive at their destination when they need it to be delivered.”

Customer-First 3PL Solutions

Jennifer’s start in the business was in direct mail sales at Direct Mail Services (DMS), following her stint in the corporate world at American Express, Credit Card Marketing Services. Once on board at DMS, Jennifer was trained in all aspects of selling: printing services, direct mail services, presorting services, warehousing, fulfillment, and distributions. Her passion and expertise for warehousing, fulfillment, and distribution services flourished.

Jennifer believes, “Our success comes from our experience and our commitment to taking care of the customer. So, when a customer has a unique need, we take care of it.” FFI takes pride in customer service and never loses sight of the fact that meeting and exceeding our clients’ needs and expectations is what separates us from the pack.

Offering the Best in Warehousing and Fulfillment

FFI has remained innovative in its growth; technology has revolutionized order fulfillment success. With the boom in e-commerce and Amazon, the business model shifted to rely more on e-commerce shopping carts’ auto-generated order file uploads, API integrations, and Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) services.

In the past four years, two other key members have joined Fulco Fulfillment, Inc. in managerial roles. Anthony Marcello, Director of Operations, brings his keen attention to detail, streamlining the warehouse’s efficiencies and continuing to organize operations. Erik J. Mathiesen, Technical Operations Manager, has been instrumental in orchestrating the cloud-based server migration, properly mapping FFI’s shipping stations and now enabling FFI to offer the much-awaited API integrations for their e-commerce customers. As it always has, FFI embraces the challenges ahead and looks forward to giving its customers the best in service for the next 20 years.

An Update From Us on COVID-19

Warehousing and Distribution Services for Emergency Supplies

This page is dedicated to providing timely information and updates on Fulco Fulfillment Inc’s operations.

July 8, 2021

An update from us on COVID-19 in 2021

Since March 2020, COVID-19 has had a large impact on the operations of our customers – and like every business, we have continued to take steps to protect our employees so we can continue to provide our essential warehouse and fulfillment services. Pandemic response planning and implementation have played crucial roles allowing us to continue to meet the needs of our customers throughout this very difficult time.

Following NJ State Department of Health and CDC guidelines, we have been well positioned to expand our operations as needed through the first two waves of COVID-19. A majority of our workers have now been fully-vaccinated as well – allowing us to reduce mask and social distancing requirements in accordance with the latest NJ state guidelines. We also understand the risks are not completely behind us and continue to monitor the situation on a daily basis.

We have noticed the following business trends over the last year:

  1. A greater volume of e-commerce orders as a result of the continued trend to online shopping over traditional retail
  2. Increased attention to effective shipping techniques to reduce freight costs, especially as fuel costs increase, effective shipping across the board becomes crucial.
  3. Warehouse space is at a premium as inventory has swelled in many areas – we have the space needed to handle all of your inventory.

Please let us know if you have any questions we can assist you with!


June 26, 2020

Fulfillment Services Deemed Essential during COVID-19: taking care to match the surge in e-commerce orders

COVID-19 has caused a scenario like no other disaster in modern retail operations. Even the largest natural disasters have specific areas of impact. This coronavirus is proving it has no boundaries.

As the global pandemic has driven consumers into their homes, there has been a dramatic increase in online shopping. At Fulco Fulfillment, we’ve been a part of the shift. Our warehouse, which has been deemed essential, has remained open in order to pick, pack and ship product on behalf of our clients.

Even before the U.S. detected the first known case of COVID-19, e-commerce was an important part of the various fulfillment services offered by Fulco Fulfillment. However, prior to the disease’s arrival, the cost of marketing and maintaining an online sales presence frustrated some retailers who were hesitant to invest. That all changed when stay-at-home orders drove consumers into their homes. Consumer demand for online shopping was able to change the mindsets of even the most timid retailers.

As an example, our warehouse team has seen increased volume, especially when it comes to nutritional products and vitamins. From the very beginning, demand for medical scrubs was high as well. And we have all hands on deck for our customer in the uniform supply business, who is offering pre-packaged protective equipment to its customers. Another customer, who serves the law enforcement community, has also seen a big rise in demand.

Meeting the demands of clients no matter the situation on the ground, or online, takes a lot of planning and partnering with clients to assess their needs. Planning for a second wave of COVID-19 was well underway not long after the first wave hit our shores. At Fulco Fulfillment, we are constantly fine-tuning our services to pick, pack and ship so we can scale as consumer demand increases. Should there be a second wave, we are prepared and well positioned to handle it.

Protecting the health of our Fulfillment Services’ Essential Workers

In New Jersey, warehouse workers have been classified by the state as essential workers. While so many Americans are required to work from home, the Fulco team is continuing to work hard to meet the demands of our customers’ order flows. That’s why we’re taking all the necessary precautions to make sure our employees remain safe in the workplace. We conduct daily temperature checks, supply masks and other personal protective equipment, and we make sure that proper social distancing is maintained throughout our warehouse and offices. All of these measures are important to ensure that our e-commerce clients can meet consumer demand now and in the future.

Flexible and scalable on-demand warehousing

On average, Fulco Fulfillment is able to onboard a new client in under two weeks, resulting in very little downtime in their order flow. For online retailers, scalability and on-demand start up time are critical. But so is flexibility. This is evident in how we are able to invoice by pallet or square footage of pick space. Our clients are billed only for the space they are using. When demand is unpredictable or volume levels volatile, having a scalable storage option ensures optimum flexibility of their storage needs, and cost savings when less space is needed. The desire for on-demand warehousing is a growing interest with many clients. Fulco Fulfillment’s pay as you go fee structures make sense for e-commerce clients whether we are shipping one item or a 25-pallet order.

Online purchases have caused carrier delays. FFI keeps track of shipping delays for you.

The huge, sudden growth in online ordering has created an overflow of packages that carriers are having a hard time keeping up with. For example, FedEx and UPS have both announced a suspension of their service guarantees. In order to keep you fully informed, Fulco Fulfillment is constantly monitoring our carriers and shipping partners so we can make suggestions to customers to ensure timely delivery. By maintaining clear communications during these difficult times we want to be sure we’re doing all we can to keep our clients informed, so they can inform their customers.

Your e-commerce business can thrive with a streamlined fulfillment partner.

Fulco Fulfillment, Inc., works with e-commerce businesses of every size, with a wide variety of product profiles and pick and pack demands. And we’re used to handling difficult circumstances and exceeding expectations, helping our clients to fulfill their client promises and delivery demands. To speak with a FFI representative and to learn more, call 973.361.1700.


April 3, 2020

Thanks again for your continued support of FFI, as we adapt to changes in our industry we want to continue to provide you with key information.

  • We are committed to proactively keep you informed. As an essential service provider to many businesses, Fulco Fulfillment Inc (FFI) will remain open, supporting customers’ supply chains. We are monitoring orders daily to keep up with work flow while working with a limited staff to practice social distancing.
  • Attn: Delivery Drivers. Although we are open, we request that you call our direct line (973) 361-1700 and someone will assist you to arrange your pickup or delivery. You can also contact Warren Hawthorne via email at whawthorne@ffiweb.com. Starting Monday April 6th our doors will be locked to the public, so please call ahead to find out which loading dock you will be directed to. We’ve instituted a no-signature policy as well.
  • Receiving Policy. Overseas receipts will be moved to a designated part of the warehouse and quarantined for 72 hours prior to an employee handling it or receiving the inventory.
  • You can be rest assured. All decisions continue to be made in light of social distancing and public health at the direction of the governor. We are taking precautions to help reduce the virus spread and keep our staff healthy…

Be Well,

Jennifer Marcello and Tony Rossi
Fulco Fulfillment Inc.
Update on FFI’s Coronavirus Preparedness


March 23, 2020

While we monitor the situation closely, we want to inform you of what we are doing to protect the health and well-being of our employees, customers and recipients of the packages we ship. We are committed to being here for you when it matters most and have implemented precautionary actions to ensure we are operating with the highest level of regard for health and safety.

During these difficult times FFI is open for warehousing and providing distribution services for emergency supplies.

Thank you for your continued confidence.

Update on FFI’s Coronavirus Preparedness

As the situation with coronavirus (COVID-19) progresses and changes so does our ability to perform services. At Fulco Fulfillment Inc. we are enacting the next phase of our contingency plan to ensure we are taking the appropriate safety precautions with our internal work force. NJ closed non-essential retail businesses, exceptions include logistics and shipping operations. Therefore we remain open. Effective early next week, we will be reducing our in house staff by at least 75% and running our business on staggered shifts with a limited crew. Additionally we will be flexing our labor on a day by day basis. Staff hours will be based on incoming orders and workload. This will allow us to manage the work flow while staying diligent to the developing situation. Our receiving will be completed without signatures and a receiving email will still be sent out making our clients aware of an incoming delivery. Outgoing orders and the emailing of tracking numbers will continue as normal.

As we continuously strive to provide you the best service possible, the above mentioned actions may perhaps result in a slight delay on your outgoing shipments. Policies with our shipping partners (FedEx, UPS and USPS) whom we depend on seem to be changing daily. We will continue to do our best to fulfill your orders at this time. Our Client Service Managers are set up to work from their homes and will manage all incoming/outgoing orders. They will keep you informed with any questions or concerns.

At this time, FedEx, with the support from the World Health Organization (WHO) has shared information regarding the safety of receiving a box/carton into your home, for more information on the topic from WHO (https://www.who.int/news-room/q-a-detail/q-a-coronaviruses). We continue to operate with our shipping partner under standard procedures and do not expect an interruption in service. Fulco Fulfillment Inc. continues to monitor this situation and adjust accordingly. For additional information, the CDC has set up a website (Coronavirus Disease 2019, available at: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-nCoV/index.html to provide information as it becomes available.

More updates to follow as things progress. Thank you for your anticipated understanding
and please stay safe and healthy.

Are USPS Postage Rates Going Up in 2020?

The United States Postal Service announced its proposed new price changes to take effect Jan. 26, 2020. While the price of a first-class stamp isn’t changing, the prices of flat-rate Priority Mail packages are going up across the board. The proposed prices, approved by the governors of the Postal Service, would raise the following rates 1.9%:

  • Overall 1st Class Postage
  • USPS Marketing Mail
  • Periodicals

The price of a First-Class Mail Forever stamp will not be increasing, it will remain at 55 cents. The single-piece letter additional ounce price would remain at 15 cents. Also unchanged would be the prices of postcard stamps at 35 cents and 1-ounce flats at $1.

Overall, Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express will increase 4.1% and 3.5% respectively, but those increases vary by Retail/Commercial, zone and weight.

This rate change for shipping products is timed similar to UPS® and FedEx®, who historically adjust prices each January. On January 6, 2020, FedEx raised prices an average of 4.9%.

The Postal Service, unlike some other shippers, does not add surcharges for fuel, residential delivery, or regular Saturday or holiday season delivery.

The proposed Mailing Services price changes include:

Mailing Services Price Changes

Product Current Proposed
Letters (1 oz.) 55 cents 55 cents
Letters additional ounces 15 cents 15 cents
Letters (metered 1 oz.) 50 cents 50 cents
Flats (1 oz.) $1 $1
Outbound International Letters (1 oz.) $1.15 $1.20
Domestic Postcards 35 cents 35 cents

Domestic Priority Mail Flat Rate Retail Price Changes

Product Current Proposed
Small Flat-Rate Box $7.90 $8.30
Medium Flat-Rate Box $14.35 $15.05
Large Flat-Rate Box $19.95 $21.10
APO/FPO Large Flat-Rate Box $18.45 $19.60
Regular Flat-Rate Envelope $7.35 $7.75
Legal Flat-Rate Envelope $7.65 $8.05
Padded Flat-Rate Envelope $8 $8.40

The PRC will review the prices before they are scheduled to take effect Jan. 26, 2020. The complete Postal Service price filings with prices for all products can be found on the PRC site under the Daily Listings section at prc.gov/dockets/daily. For the Mailing Services filing see Docket No. R2020-1. For the Shipping Services filing see Docket No. CP2020-5. The price change tables are also available on the Postal Service’s Postal Explorer website pe.usps.com/PriceChange/Index

Trust Fulco Fulfillment for all of your shipping and postage questions

Fulco Fulfillment advises clients on the most efficient ways to minimize shipping costs through smart packaging and streamlined order fulfillment operations. Call us at 973-361-1700, we’d love to answer your fulfillment questions.

Seamless Order Fulfillment Services and Ecommerce Fulfillment Services

Consumers want the products they order online delivered to their doors quickly and with the least bit of hassle. Are your order fulfillment services tasked to meet customers’ expectations for speed and no- or low-cost shipping?

If you’re a seller, it is difficult to meet those demands if you don’t have the processes and infrastructure in place to fulfill those orders quickly. Furthermore, once your customers get to their shopping cart, the sale can still be in jeopardy if the checkout experience is clumsy and time consuming. Consider:

  • Shoppers will abandon their shopping cart if shipping, taxes or other fees are too high.
  • Speed of delivery is an important factor in getting shoppers to click “Submit.”
  • A poor delivery and return experience will chase a customer away for good.
  • Shoppers are an impatient breed and will be more likely to cancel their order if there are slow delivery speeds or unexpected delays.

Are Order Fulfillment Services Right for Your Company?

If you’re trying to fulfill orders in-house and you’re running into problems because either volume is too high (which is a good thing), or your fulfillment team is stretched too thin and finding the right employees is difficult, it might be time for you to consider outsourcing your fulfillment services.

Why is Outsourcing Order Fulfillment Services a Good Idea?

Order fulfillment services for ecommerce sales consists of physically labor intensive processes that need to be handled efficiently to assure that your profit margin is not eaten up by wasted hours or temporary staff increases.

Order fulfillment services include storing inventory, picking and packing the products, and then shipping online orders to customers. A small ecommerce company with manageable orders taken might be able to handle this in house. However, as demand grows, calling upon a third-party logistics provider (3PL) such as Fulco Fulfillment Inc. is a more cost-effective option which can free you to concentrate on the other parts of running your business that can lead to continued growth.

The ecommerce order fulfillment process applies to both business-to-business (B2B) orders (where large quantities of product are shipped to big box retailers) as well as business-to-consumer (B2C) orders that are shipped directly to a shopper’s home.

When it comes to B2C orders, the consumer may place an order on the website of the merchant or through an online marketplace. Once the customer finishes their purchase, the fulfillment process kicks in and getting the order ready for shipment becomes the priority.

What is Your Order Fulfillment Services Strategy?

Every ecommerce business needs an order fulfillment services strategy to handle present orders and prepare for future growth so that infrastructure is in place to meet demand as the business grows.

These are some of the key considerations you’ll want to address:

Consider your location to optimize fulfillment.

Just because your business mostly runs online doesn’t mean that your physical location can make a huge difference in streamlining your ecommerce processes.

Besides the size of your storage, the location where you fulfill your orders is an important aspect that contributes to delivery costs and speed, and ultimately, customer satisfaction.

Optimizing your fulfillment operation based on where your customers reside will help you reach all the people you need to reach in the most cost-efficient manner.

For example, shipping orders to customers in the U.S. from overseas can take large amounts of time unless the customers are willing to pay significantly more for faster delivery. Focusing the shipping zone or how far a package travels will more often than not reduce the cost of shipping and the amount of time it takes to ship a package.

A fulfillment center such as Fulco Fulfillment Inc. is close to New York City and points all along the East Coast. This makes for affordable shipping to customers in areas where populations are concentrated. Taking it farther afield, it’s also possible to optimize fulfillment by distributing the inventory to multiple locations that are in the closest proximity to your customers. The more fulfillment resources that are near common shipping destinations the more ground shipping can be leveraged. This is significantly cheaper than any expedited air and much faster than shipping from a further distance.

Order fulfillment technology that integrates platforms is critical.

Software that integrates with an ecommerce platform and online marketplace, such as the technology available at Fulco Fulfillment Inc., can help your business manage orders across any sales channels without the need to manually upload or duplicate data entries. The Fulco Fulfillment, Inc. IT team works directly with EDI and API service providers to ensure seamless delivery of products to large retailers. As soon as an order is placed online, the fulfillment staff will quickly be alerted on their devices to pick, pack, and ship any items needed to the customer.

Fulco Fulfillment Inc. will send back any tracking information to the platform or marketplace that will then be shared with the customer, as well as track inventory quantities across fulfillment locations so you always know where you stand.

Leveraging platform integrations is critical to connecting upstream activities such as purchasing and manufacturing with downstream activities like sales and product demand so your business can make a more accurate purchasing and production decision when the time comes.

Looking to Incorporate Order Fulfillment Services into Your Ecommerce Business?

Call Fulco Fulfillment at 973-361-1700 to schedule your free consultation. We look forward to working with you in the future in expanding your business.

What is Dimensional Weight Pricing (DIM)?

In simple terms, DIM weight pricing is a way of calculating the fee associated with shipping a parcel based on that parcel’s size. The purpose of dimensional weight pricing is to take into account the cubic volume of the package in relation to the parcel’s actual weight. Businesses freight charges are no longer just calculated by how much their packages weigh, the new algorithm also calculates freight charges by how much space the package takes up on the truck or plane.

Carrier space is prime real estate and is priced as such.

With online shopping growing by leaps and bounds each year, carriers put tremendous value on the amount of space available in a truck, trailer or delivery van. Carriers want to discourage shippers from sending out oversized containers that are mainly packing materials, so shippers need to begin packing their products more efficiently so carriers are able to load more packages into the available space on each vehicle of transport. Packages that fail to meet these guidelines will cost more to ship.

DIM pricing, how is it calculated?

Dimensional weight pricing is calculated by dividing the volume of your package by the DIM factor, which is a mathematical constant that is considered as the base weight of one cubic foot of space and is correlated with a specific number given by each carrier.


Using this calculation, freight carriers like FedEx, USPS or UPS calculate shipping charges based on whichever of the following numbers is greater: 1) the actual weight of the package or 2) its calculated dimensional weight. Whichever number is higher becomes your billable weight.

For example, if you are shipping a plush toy such as a stuffed teddy bear in a 12”x12”x12” box, the actual weight of the stuffed teddy bear, box and filler might add up to a total weight of 5 pounds. However, when you multiply the package dimensions and divide by the UPS or FedEx DIM factor of 166, the package’s dimensional weight comes out to 10 pounds which, because it’s the higher number, is how you’ll be billed.

Actual Weight = 5 pounds < 10 pounds DIM Weight

Check your carriers’ DIM factors, or call Fulco Fulfillment.

The current DIM divisor of DHL is 139, while UPS and FedEx are both 166. For international shipping, the DIM factor of both UPS and FedEx is 139. So imagine you were shipping that same plush teddy bear overseas using UPS or FedEx. Your DIM factor would be lower but your billable weight would be higher.

Actual Weight = 5 pounds < 12 pounds DIM weight

Essentially, the higher the DIM factor, the lower the dimensional weight and vice versa.

How Fulco Fulfillment Inc. can help you beat DIM pricing.

At Fulco Fulfillment Inc. we always believe there is a better way. We have over 35 years of experience helping our fulfillment customers save money on their shipping and freight costs. When it comes to DIM pricing, the results are no different: We will save you money. Here’s how:

  • Right-sized packaging to reduce DIM weight charges: Wasted space is wasted money. We pack as tightly as possible without allowing empty space that can drive up DIM weight charges. We use packing material that protects but won’t expand or leave a bulge, which if improperly calculated will increase your carrier costs. Our goal is to make sure the dimensional weight is less than the actual weight of the package.
  • Cut down on shipping high-volume, low-weight goods: This kind of packaging can take a real bite out of your margins, because the dimensional weights of high-volume, low-weight goods are much more than their actual weights. Fulco Fulfillment Inc. can suggest your best options to circumvent DIM pricing.
  • Pass the cost on to your customers: You never want to increase costs for your customers, but sometimes it’s the only way that makes sense for your business. A clear explanation of the DIM pricing mechanism to your customers can help alleviate any hard feelings. Most customers who are loyal to your products will not fuss over a small increase in shipping costs.

DIM weight pricing expertise and all of your fulfillment and distribution needs under one roof.

To stay competitive in your industry you need to watch every dollar and how it’s spent. When it comes to saving money in carrier costs, Fulco Fulfillment Inc. can help you weigh the opportunities and drive lower costs because every aspect of your fulfillment and distribution can be handled from under one roof.

To learn more give us a call at 973-361-1700 or use the contact form here and we’ll be in touch.

The Benefits of One Partner Handling Kitting, Packing and Fulfillment Processes

Succeeding in business today demands agility, accuracy and speed to market; especially if your distribution requires arrival at multiple locations on time and on budget. Whether you’re supporting a sales force with materials for a new product introduction, or sending samples to thousands of end users to try your latest product innovation, long gone are the days of coordinating multiple vendors and then waiting weeks for them to get up to speed on your project.

That rusty old supply chain is a thing of the past.

For many pharmaceutical and healthcare companies, and others in similarly competitive markets, multiple links in the chain have been reduced to a single highly experienced partner who can handle the technicalities and scheduling of each job from start to finish.

These companies recognize the benefits of having all of their kitting, packing and fulfillment handled under one roof, through one point of contact, with the flexibility to keep tabs on production, their shipments and status reports 24/7 through user-friendly mobile and desktop applications.

The benefits of a single fulfillment partner

For corporate logistics managers who want to simplify the process and reduce project variables, many find it’s best to trust their warehousing, kitting, fulfillment and distribution needs to a partner who has the bandwidth to support it and the in-house resources to propel their projects along.

Scalability is important, and having a facility at your service that’s large enough to warehouse all of the promotional materials you require to support your business is a necessity. If you have a project that is big in scope, you want to be sure that the demands of the job are handled by an experienced team that can respond in a way that matches your needs. For example, Fulco Fulfillment, Inc. has the trained professionals on staff to achieve speed of implementation many times faster than a multi-vendor scenario. Similarly, for projects with a smaller budget, the company can also accommodate the needs of special projects with limited distribution but perhaps more finely detailed kitting and packing.

Communications with your fulfillment company should be a top priority

When your business is counting on a time-sensitive, multi-faceted fulfillment project to hit its mark on time, you want to have a handle on its progress every step along the way. Working with a partner like Fulco Fulfillment, Inc. can ensure that your business-critical goals are met. Having access to the real-time status of your project from anywhere at any time makes reporting to stakeholders a breeze. There’s no chasing multiple vendors to check the status of inventory or other deadlines along the way. Furthermore, beyond warehousing, kitting, packing and fulfillment, your distribution partner should have established relationships in place with shipping and freight companies in order to ensure seamless, efficient shipping protocols. Fulco Fulfillment, Inc. can offer all of these.

Once the shipment has left the warehouse, being able to track and trace every package as it makes its way toward its final destination is important to make sure management is aware of its progress and recipients can be alerted if delays happen in transit. A company like Fulco Fulfillment, Inc. has made these scenarios simple by investing and leveraging the best technology, not only during the process, but after it exits our dock doors with the use of tracking and tracing, as well as monitoring real-time inventory levels via reports that can be accessed straight from the web.

Paying attention to details in kitting, packing and fulfillment processes

Fulco Fulfillment Inc. uses a multitude of systems to ensure product accuracy and security. Supported by a dynamic order routing protocol, Fulco Fulfillment, Inc. will make sure your order is picked, packed and fulfilled efficiently and accurately.

All kits are cross-checked by the company’s inventory management system which helps ensure the accuracy of client packaging. To eliminate the risk of client materials becoming comingled, the customer products and kitting areas are clearly identified, marked and separated accordingly.

All kitting, packing and fulfillment processes under one roof

Frankly, there’s no good argument why your company’s kitting, packing and fulfillment needs should be handled by several vendors, when one, such as Fulco Fulfillment, Inc., is supremely more efficient. With a 143,000 square-foot warehouse in Dover, NJ, that is centrally located to points throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast, Fulco Fulfillment, Inc. is strategically situated to serve all of your fulfillment needs. To learn more, call 973-361-1700 for more information and to learn how Fulco Fulfillment, Inc. can help your business succeed.

How Do Modern 3PL Providers Reduce Packaging Costs and Streamline Time to Market?

Every corporate logistics manager wants to find a better way to manage their packaging workflows and speed their products to market. After all, time is money!

Located in Dover, NJ, Fulco Fulfillment, Inc. is a full-service 3PL provider that aims to answer both needs, as well as many more.

By providing clients with an integrated solution and one point of contact to manage vendors and cut out middlemen, Fulco Fulfillment, Inc. is able to coordinate the design, assembly, purchasing and delivery of a wide range of packaging materials; in the end saving production and distribution costs that can make a big difference for a client’s bottom line.

Managing packaging work flow every step of the way.

Only the most equipped 3PL providers have the capacity to manage packaging projects and all they entail from start to finish. Fulco Fulfillment, Inc. specializes in helping clients reduce administrative costs and streamline logistics resulting in everything from quicker turnaround to reduced freight costs.

If you’re presently shipping your products out to a packaging provider only to have them sent back to you to store in your warehouse, Fulco Fulfillment, Inc. can help you skip the extra freight costs and speed the cycle time by handling every aspect of your package design, packing, warehousing and distribution needs.

Fulco Fulfillment, Inc.’s custom-designed Order Management System enables clients to assign understock levels to avoid packaging supplies from being depleted. When packaging inventory reaches the replenishment level an alert is triggered and emails are generated. The client and their Fulco Fulfillment, Inc. client representative are notified that packaging is running low and it’s time to reorder, thereby avoiding delays and keeping back orders to a minimum, if not eliminated all together.

FFI’s 3PL services provide many multi-level benefits worth considering:

  • Reduction in product turnaround time and speed cycle time
  • One point of contact when utilizing a single facility for your complete packaging
  • Eliminate middlemen and maintain control of project management
  • Eliminate packaging supply out of stock or backorder situations
  • Reduce administration and freight costs
  • Stunning package design and flawless execution to maximize savings.

Why is a 3PL the right choice for your packaging solutions?

Fulco Fulfillment, Inc. works with experienced package designers who are steeped in packaging guidelines that conform to specifications as set by the client’s industry. Every design is checked carefully throughout the design and production process to make sure they qualify for the lowest freight options and avoid dimensional weight charges. While packaging is a unique part of the company’s comprehensive menu of logistics services, the true advantage is when you combine all of these services under one roof. Working with one single contact affords greater clarity and communication throughout the process thereby mitigating any chance of surprises emerging along the way. This coordination allows shipping deadlines to be met.

From start to finish, Fulco Fulfillment, Inc. keeps clients engaged in the process ensuring that the prototypes produced accurately represent not only what the client’s package will look like but how it covers all the bases from regulatory requirements to freight charges.

Fulco Fulfillment, Inc.’s unique cutting-edge technologies enable a streamlined end-to-end production process guided by one-vendor accountability to meet all of your print and packaging needs, including:

  • Specific pallets to meet your requirements
  • Gift boxes
  • Customized packing tape
  • Glue dots
  • Polybags
  • Kits
  • Belly bands
  • Inserts
  • Labels
  • Test samples
  • Shrink wrap
  • Tubes
  • Cartons and more.

Specialty packaging: Is your 3PL provider fully equipped to do the job?

Throughout the year and particularly leading up to the holidays, brand managers need to plan far in advance to ensure their specialty packaging needs are ready to meet timely delivery. Attempting to fulfill these processes and meet these timelines in-house is out of the question for most retailers and consumer goods manufacturers. That’s why many choose to outsource their gift and promotional packaging to a 3PL provider who can source all of the elements that are needed, assemble them into the final deliverable, and then warehouse and distribute them.

A fully capable 3PL should be able to manage the entire design, production, packing, warehousing and distribution processes preferably all under one roof to eliminate the extra costs associated with transporting materials back and forth. Fulco Fulfillment, Inc. manages every aspect associated with specialty packaging going so far as to include applying secondary packaging such as gift wraps or packing special theme kits to assist in customer retention and to drive sales growth.

There are benefits to choosing a 3PL provider in a centralized location.

The closer a 3PL provider is to several or more transportation hubs the better freight costs can be managed. Fulco Fulfillment, Inc., for example, is located at the veritable crossroads of the Mid-Atlantic and the Northeast, virtually sitting alongside I-80 where it intersects with I-287. The company is within driving distance of every important commercial center within the critical radius that spans from Boston to Washington, D.C., and its fulfillment center is just 45 minutes from mid-town Manhattan.

Fulco Fulfillment, Inc.’s convenient location is just one reason why it is the custom warehousing and fulfillment solutions provider for some of the most well-known brands in the world. With expertise gained over 20 years serving multiple industries, Fulco Fulfillment, Inc. is able to fast track your packaging processes in the most creative, cost-effective, and business savvy ways possible. To learn more, call 973.361.1700 or email hello@ffiweb.com.

Third-Party Logistics (3PL): Because Logistics and Supply Chain Management Matters More than Ever

There are many reasons why turning over your company’s logistics and supply chain management to a third-party logistics (3PL) provider makes total sense. Chief among these is that it lets your company do what it does best: make and sell products rather than distributing, warehousing and fulfilling orders. That’s what Fulco Fulfillment, Inc. does better than anyone.

Fulco Fulfillment, Inc. is the 3PL of choice for some of the largest, most widely recognized companies in the world. We support leading industries where fulfillment, warehousing, sales force distribution, kitting and other services are keys to success, including pharmaceuticals and healthcare, ecommerce, manufacturing, education, and many more.

We are a conduit for our customers to large networks of resources enabling them to take advantage of our complete solutions for assembling, packaging, warehousing, distribution and transportation support. Working from a 161,000 sq. ft. fulfillment center in Dover, NJ, Fulco Fulfillment, Inc. provides:

  • Unparalleled supply chain management experience
  • Faster turnaround
  • More cost-efficient assembling, packaging, warehousing and distribution
  • Wide-ranging resources to support every distribution initiative
  • Scalability and flexibility, and more.

An experienced 3PL can make all the difference in your logistics performance.

Are you certain that your internal logistics department has sufficient access to all of the modern resources and relationships that have been cultivated by Fulco Fulfillment, Inc., an organization that specializes in streamlining supply chain management 24/7/365? If not don’t worry, you’re not alone. In fact, we help our clients leverage our expertise and the relationships we’ve built to access volume discounts that can lower overhead costs and enact faster turnaround.

Consider the benefits of outsourcing your logistics to Fulco Fulfillment, Inc.

Better supply chain management, convenience and cost savings are just a few of the initial benefits offered by Fulco Fulfillment, Inc. But there’s much more:

  • Expertise. We have the organizational experience and depth of knowledge that far surpasses your internal fulfillment operations. For over 20 years we have been fine-tuning our logistics and supply chain management services so that you can realize the greatest cost efficiencies.
  • Dedicated service manager. Fulco Fulfillment, Inc. will assign you a dedicated client service manager who can guide you through everything from figuring out the filler material and the box best suited for an order, to packing and dispatching your orders in a timely manner most considerate of your budget.
  • IT systems. Our data management systems are unparalleled, including order management and warehouse management systems that are constantly updated and adapted to match the requirements of your business and its suppliers.
  • Space saving. Free up your warehousing and shipping/receiving space as well as the clutter inherent in these operations for more billable business activities. By moving these services to Fulco Fulfillment, Inc., you’ll save time and money as you grow your business.
  • Save on postal and freight services. We will present you with the best way to save money on postage and shipping charges, such as taking advantage of zone skipping when shipments allow.
  • Crunch times or seasonal slowdowns, we’re ready. Fulco Fulfillment, Inc.’s services are highly scalable, meaning you’re not locked into costs that can stymie flexibility during off-season, holiday, or transitional periods when business ebbs and flows.
  • Focus on what you do best. Our logistics services allow your company to focus on your core business, leaving the fulfillment, inventory management, pick, pack and ship to us.
  • Packaged your way. You don’t need to sacrifice the quality of your branded packaging. Fulco Fulfillment, Inc. ensures the quality of your packaging is maintained always.

Why choose Fulco Fulfillment, Inc. for your 3PL?

The better question might be: why wouldn’t you choose us? For beginners, we have the business volume, references, past performance and technology that are proven to be unsurpassed in the industry. Our problem solving and client communication skills are key attributes that help us deliver for our clients every day.

We understand that every client’s expectations are constantly evolving and we pride ourselves on meeting those expectations head on. As a highly reliable 3PL partner to our clients, we can handle your business volumes no matter how large or small your business is and how much you need stored, packaged, and shipped. Furthermore, we are expert planners and can easily maintain our day-to-day operations no matter whether your product numbers go up or down.

Our references speak for themselves.

Much of our business comes from referrals, which means we must be doing something right! We understand with each referral we receive there is a client on the other end who is putting their reputation on the line, and so we dedicate ourselves to protect that client in everything we do. We strive to be an excellent asset to our customers and to help them build their businesses with every project undertaken.

Do you require a 3PL you can count on? Choose Fulco Fulfillment, Inc.

We invite you to come visit our offices and 161,000 sq. ft. fulfillment center, conveniently located nearby routes 80, 287, 280, 78 and 46 in Dover, NJ. You’ll see for yourself how well-organized, detail-oriented fulfillment services and warehousing can have an immediate impact on your sales and marketing processes. To schedule an appointment, call 973.361.1700.

Why Outsource Your Literature Fulfillment?

Literature fulfillment is a necessary component to any sales and marketing strategy. As pervasive as the web is, many companies still require tangible materials to arrive in good condition in the hands of their sales team, channel partners, customers and key prospects.

For some, keeping an in-house inventory of magazines, various-sized direct mail pieces, postcards, folders, brochures, binders and other assorted marketing materials seems like the best way to manage sales literature distribution. But is it really?

Have you explored outsourcing literature management and distribution?

At Fulco Fulfillment, Inc. we’ve yet to meet a client who wasn’t pleasantly surprised by the significant advantages of moving their literature fulfillment off-site to our warehousing and distribution facility.

We can manage all of the picking and packing and order management more cost efficiently than internal mail departments. Considering the worker hours that are required to run an efficient in-house fulfillment operation, and the floor space that could be utilized for more profitable purposes, outsourcing makes perfect sense for many of the leading B2B and B2C companies in the mid-Atlantic and Northeast.

In addition, our state-of-the-art order management system can save your business time and money with online access, including inventory inquiries, placing orders, managing order approval, checking the shipping status of those orders and running many unique reports as well.

By outsourcing your literature fulfillment to Fulco Fulfillment, Inc. you will not only improve the quality and consistency of support for your sales team in the field or in the home office, you will also:

  • Lower costs overall
  • Speed up distribution
  • Save valuable office space for more revenue generating activities

Fulco Fulfullment Inc. specializes in helping large organizations distribute products and marketing materials faster and at a lower cost.

How does outsourcing literature fulfillment save money for our clients?

For beginners, think of the material costs required to run an in-house mail distribution operation. You have to constantly be on top of ordering more supplies and then storing them; and you’re captive to the whims of the automation and printing equipment that is supposed to streamline your operation. We already have all of this technology in house and we are constantly replenishing our stocks of envelopes, wraps, boxes and other fulfillment materials, in effect spreading the costs out to the benefit of all of our customers.

Furthermore, the Fulco Fulfillment, Inc. team is:

  • Fully informed and up to date on all postage and freight costs, and can recommend the best solutions for all of your literature distribution needs leading to significant costs savings.
  • Highly experienced with real-time inventory control systems and equipped with state-of-the-art barcode scanners, presort software to ensure your list is clean by running it through address correction services, USPS National Change of Address (NCOA), postal presorting and other critical technologies.
  • Solutions oriented in everything we do. We help our clients plan and enact sophisticated marketing campaigns and then support them every step of the way by picking, packing and shipping with no hassles and better results.

If time is money, bank on Fulco Fulfillment, Inc.

How many worker hours does it take for your internal fulfillment team to process and distribute time critical mailings and distributions to your end users? Moreover, how scalable are your personnel resources when demanding time frames and deadlines dictate quick turnarounds?

When you outsource your literature fulfillment to us, you can be certain that we have the worker power on hand to get the job done on time and within budget whether the project calls for regular turnaround or a rush situation. If your answer to an all-hands-on-deck scenario is to move staff from their billable roles to lend a hand with picking, packing and shipping, your business could benefit greatly from working with a partner like Fulco Fulfillment, Inc.

Our experienced fulfillment project managers are the best in the business.

When you transfer your literature fulfillment to us, you can be sure that the people who will be managing your account have the necessary. Our management team has been helping our clients succeed and grow for over 20 years. Your dedicated project manager will become a key part of your team, and will help you navigate the entire process from ordering materials to shipping them out the door.

Visit our 161,000 sq. ft. fulfillment center in NJ.

We invite you to come visit our offices and fulfillment center, conveniently located in Dover, NJ. You’ll see for yourself how well-organized, detail-oriented fulfillment services and warehousing can have an immediate impact on your sales and marketing processes. To schedule an appointment and get a free quote for your literature fulfillment, call 973.361.1700.

Why You Need a Fulfillment Company with Direct Mail Capabilities

Email lists are considered gold by many marketers. But are they really? Especially when they are compared to direct mail marketing lists? When you consider that as many as 78 percent of people will unsubscribe from company email lists if contacted too frequently*, one can argue that the value of all of those names falls far short of the expense that was required to collect them.

Direct mail, while often overlooked in this increasingly digital world, still holds a lofty place in the minds of marketers who know how to use direct mail to their advantage.

Turning direct mail marketing into a powerful revenue generator

An effective direct mail strategy is among the most important assets you have when it comes to building and managing a business in which goods and services are sold. Corporate marketing directors in NY, NJ, PA and CT know, when done correctly, direct mail marketing can be an invaluable tool in helping them achieve their sales goals. With Fulco Fulfillment, Inc.’s help, we can do the same for you.

Identify your potential direct mail audience

Like anything else, before you begin your marketing campaign your team should be laser focused on your target audience’s needs and preferences. What is the main priority of those who would most likely benefit from your product? Knowing your audiences and their needs is crucial when you are planning your direct mail sales pieces.

The Major Keys to Direct Mail Marketing Success:

Tracking your direct mail campaigns

Are you using an automated marketing solution to track your typical inbound efforts? Make the most of your direct mail campaigns by tracking your responses and results so you can evaluate which offers are working well and which are not. Fulco Fulfillment, Inc. can set-up your direct mail campaigns to be scheduled for automatic release weekly, monthly, quarterly, or whatever suits your business needs so you can channel your mail piece recipients to your call center or your online presence, whether that includes your website, Facebook, YouTube, etc.

Keep it visual, make it powerful

Do you recall the main message of the last overly narrative brochure you read? Probably not. That’s why it’s important to include relevant imagery in your pieces that convey the benefits of the products, services or events your company is offering.

But an image alone won’t necessarily make the sale. To ensure greater readability when it comes to copy, make sure you stay away from long sentences and big blocks of text. Your readers’ eyes want to scan your direct mail piece quickly. Keeping copy brief and focused on the offer is what grabs attention best and leads to more conversions.

Your readers’ eyes want to scan your direct mail piece quickly. Keeping copy brief and focused on the offer is what grabs attention best and leads to more conversions.

Ultimately, the goal is to create something that makes your competition pale in comparison. A creative, smartly designed direct mail campaign will help you stand out from the boring mailings that your prospects automatically ignore. Presenting something different and unique in comparison to your competitors will help set you apart and deliver your sales pitch effectively and economically.

Target those who check their mail and are not addicted to online platforms

No matter how interesting or compelling the images and messages are in your mailings, it means nothing if your audience won’t ever see them in the first place. Let Fulco Fulfillment, Inc. put direct mail marketing automation to work for you. We can help you send your mailers to audience members and increase interest in your company’s products and services.

Capture the data and put it to work for your business

You will never know how effective your direct mail services are if you don’t track how well your mailings are performing. Give your direct mail campaign a unique identifier (such as an offer code or specific phone number with a unique extension) that will enable you to track the responses when they arrive back at your website or connect via a special customer service phone number. This will help you keep track of those customers who are interested in your offer.

Most importantly, you want your audience to arrive at the destination you set for them so you can take the next step in your automated marketing or sales process. If you are not doing the proper planning up front to capture the data you need you will have acquired little value moving forward as you plan your next direct mail marketing campaign.

Direct Mail Marketing and Fulfillment services: A powerful combination

If you’re serious about direct mail, you need a partner who can meet your needs every step of the way. From warehousing and fulfillment services to storage solutions and inventory tracking, Fulco Fulfillment, Inc. consistently tops 99% performance accuracy and on-time shipment. Moreover, we closely monitor all the metrics involved to ensure your direct mail marketing programs deliver the goods whether their ultimate destination is your sales force or direct to your customers and prospects.

And we don’t stop there.

We have the expertise and the resources to handle all of your printing, folding, finishing and distribution needs as well, whether you’re mailing to a nationwide or regional audience, or a more localized market. If you’re part of a corporate marketing department or just getting your start-up off the ground, our highly efficient solutions and low storage and fulfillment costs will help get your mailing off on the right foot from the very beginning with services such as:

  • inkjet addressing
  • folding
  • insertion
  • tabbing/wafer-sealing
  • stamping and labeling
  • match mailing
  • shrink wrapping
  • co-mingling
  • mail preparation and sorting
  • heat sealing
  • hand assembly
  • spot gluing

For nearly 20 years we’ve provided our clients with the knowledge and expertise required to successfully execute and deliver direct mail campaigns to the post office on time and with everything in proper order.

Count on us for cost-effective, complete direct mail services and distribution

When done right, direct mail can be a powerful revenue generator—and the experienced pros at Fulco Fulfillment, Inc. know what it takes. We’ve helped our clients make the most of cost-effective direct mail through 99+% performance and distribution accuracy and superior tracking capabilities. Whether your next mailing is a stand-alone or needs to work hand-in-hand with your multimedia campaigns, our technology and reporting capabilities makes us the smartest choice for direct mail services and distribution.

To learn more, fill out our contact form for a free quote or give us a call at 973-361-1700. We can help you reach your target audience quickly and efficiently.

* Source: https://emailmonks.com/blog/email-marketing/email-marketing-statistics/