Hand Assembly with Fulco Fulfillment Inc

100 envelopes stuffed? You got it!  1,000 new-hire kits constructed? We have a crew for hand assembly more than ready for that too.

In addition to the warehousing and fulfillment services that Fulco Fulfillment Inc already offers, we will also provide the assembly and kitting services that you have been looking for. Light assembly and kitting, bagging, labeling, sorting and heat-sealing for whatever products that you are trying to distribute are all offered at Fulco Fulfillment Inc. We recognize that keeping your project in one location keeps your costs down and ensures faster turnaround. Do you have a need for kitting and assembly services? Let Fulco Fulfillment Inc’s experts handle your kitting and assembly needs. Fulco Fulfillment Inc. can provide professional and cost-effective fulfillment services that are catered just for your business with our team of fulfillment experts with a combined over 50 years of experience. At FFI, no hand assembly job is too big or too small. We offer high-quality custom hand assembly of detailed projects. Fulco Fulfillment Inc. will store your material, manage your inventory, hand assembly of your kit and ship on demand.

Our hand assembly experts at Fulco Fulfillment Inc. will work alongside the account executive in order to manage the specifications of your most detail-oriented projects from fulfillment all the way to delivery. With over 148,000 square feet of warehouse space at your disposal, we have the room to organize, warehouse and most importantly redistribute your projects without causing any interference to your current work environment.

Gifting and Gift Bag Assembly

When it comes to managing gifting or handling “gift bags”, “goodie bags,” “swag bags,” we are experts (from the basic to the luxurious, for award shows, festivals, street or even industry events). Here at Fulco Fulfillment Inc. we meet your budgetary, delivery and presentation needs from beginning to end. FFI can supply any gift wrapping material needed to add a high end look, or protect a fragile item.   Products are warehoused so we are able to take care of every logistic. We want to ensure that your gifts both look great and are delivered on time.

General Assembly

You only have one opportunity to make that lasting impression, how do you guarantee the success you need to make that impression? With Fulco Fulfillment Inc.’s over 50 years of combined experience we can provide you with cost effective assembly services to help you create that incredible impression with absolutely no stress. Whether your items are assembled for individual shipment or for a large delivery, our experience allows us to excel far and beyond your expectations!

Product Assembly

Our team of fulfillment experts can obtain all of the necessary materials needed for your product or if you prefer can have them shipped directly to us so we can properly kit your materials the way you want to. FFI will assemble your individual pieces and create the finished product with our good ol’ reliable specialized product assembly line.

Whether it is 100 or 100,000 items that need assembling, our team is up to the task!

Manual Collating of Literature and Mailing

Smaller mailings can be collated using FFI’s  “hands on” focus and “attention to detail”.  We handle, the insertion of fliers, product samples, offer cards and a multitude of other items into your mailings can become quite effective, even in shorter term mailings.

Kit Assembly Will Save You Time and Money.

When you outsource your promotional packages, sample kits, demos or point of sale signage assembly and distribution; you are guaranteed to save yourself both time and money. With Fulco Fulfillment Inc., assembling your complex marketing kits or custom sale packages will be in the safe hands of specialists. FFI is one of the best co packers in the Greater New York City area, we know how to hand assemble your products professionally and cost effectively as well. Some of our services include custom hand assembly and co packed packages for any special, seasonal promotion.  FFI also works with customized kits according to where you live, language, contents and destination. No matter what your needs may be, they are are sure to be accommodated by Fulco Fulfillment Inc.

Fulco Fulfillment, The Hand Assembly Experts at your Disposal

Some projects cannot be completed by machine due to odd sizing or multiple pieces. For those jobs Fulco Fulfillment’s dedicated staff and organized facility can get the job done.

Our skilled and flexible labor force has a broad range of experience to assemble the most complex or simple projects, whatever you want to make your products truly stand out amongst the rest.

Small jobs or large, Fulco Fulfillment in Dover, New Jersey can assist you with your hand assembly needs.

Sales and marketing kits
Polybagging and heat seal services
Glue dots
Trade show goodie bags
Holiday gift wrap
Any of your kitting applications can be handled by Fulco Fulfillment’s hand assembly crew. Hand assembly can be done on-demand and pre-assembled to pre-stock inventory efficiently and cost effectively awaiting customer orders.

100 or 100,000 items to be assembled,our team is up to the task!

Optimizing Your Marketing Communication Outlets

In this highly competitive economy, marketing communication professionals get an edge by reducing the costs of their services.

The experts at Fulco Fulfillment Inc. have proven strategies for marketing communication optimization.

A Marketing Communication Optimization process will:
  • Increase the effectiveness of communication at your business.
  • Increase the efficiency of communication at your business.
  • Ensure compliance with all privacy and security rules and regulations.

First, we complete a comprehensive analysis of your marketing materials and answer these questions:

  • Are they readily available?
  • Do they reach your target audience?
  • Do they help you meet your sales goals?

Outsourcing these materials can help you meet your goals.

Fulco will help you reduce all the costs associated with your communication materials including printing, fulfillment and storage. We can help you choose the most cost-effective printing option: traditional offset printing or digital (print on demand). We also take into account factors such as:

  • Quantity in stock
  • Usage History
  • Expected Life and Future Usage
  • Format
  • Production Options
  • Objective of Communication

We use your usage history to predict future usage and set the right understock notification level. We reduce your stress by sending automatic emails alerting you when inventory is low and it’s time to reprint or reorder.

Marketing communication optimization is a comprehensive solution.

For full benefit, here are some things to take into account:

  • An objective of communication with complex documents with a total annual usage of under 1,000 pieces.
  • Use simple documents that have an annual usage of under 5,000 pieces.
  • Having documents with unknown usage patterns and/or frequent changes.
  • Documents that have reached the end of high usage but need to be retained for reference.
  • Review products that are about to enter back-order status.

We also evaluate client communication streams for effectiveness and efficiency. Personalized sales packages can increase response rates, so choosing this option may be a good return on your investment.

Other factors to consider:

  • Documents that are about to enter back-order status.
  • Usage volume and lifespan.
  • The target audience and purpose.
  • Personalization requirements that include variable content and text.
  • The types of delivery method(s).
  • The Design Constraints.
  • Your production options.
  • The best practices.
  • Your competitors’ methods of communication.
  • Cost optimization.

After this evaluation is complete, the type of production techniques that will best suit your pieces will become clear.

Fulco Fulfillment Inc. can produce your organization’s marketing materials to the best effect in the most cost-effective way. Let FFI optimize your marketing communication! Find out more by calling 973-361-1700.

Kitting that Delivers

Fulco Fulfillment Inc. kit fulfillment offers the following kitting services: Flexible labor for one-time, high-volume projects.

Fulco Fulfillment Inc. helps customers economically manage short-term kitting and assembly projects with our scalable workforce of full-time and temporary staff. Quality assurance. Their software system has a kit fulfillment module that programs in kit contents. The system is then used to manage an accurate assembly process, as components are scanned during assembly.

When you are a top quality company, you need to deliver products and services of the quality that will most often times need fulfillment luxury packaging that will set your brand apart from the rest. Whether it may be fulfillment kitting which include product launch kits such as sales kits or promotional, Fulco Fulfillment Inc. (FFI) start to finish service will provide the fulfillment kitting that is right for you. FFI will provide you with the high-quality, creative and intriguing designs you deserve with an exponential turnaround.

Having a welcome kit is a brilliant solution that will welcome new members to a program and provide some key information about member perks as well as deliver the member’s new card along with a special welcome gift! Many financial and hospitality brands from different parts of the world take advantage of these kits in order to create a defining experience for the member which is just as good as the program they are now a part of. With companies like American Express, the Black Card member welcome kitting is quite extravagant, which would make sense considering how highly regarded this program is in comparison to the standard American Express program which would perhaps be designed differently.

Packaging Kits

 Fulco Fulfillment Inc. will help create the kits that will make a statement, each one designed with care and a memorable experience in mind. Fulfillment and welcome kits are focused on the customer itself and the positive impact it will have on them while providing them with valuable information and at time gifts. These types of kits can include the following.

  • Cards
  • Brochures
  • A program or information about the product
  • Welcome or appreciation letter
  • Small gifts

Fulfillment Packaging

Fulfillment packaging can include items such as product launch kits, sales kits or perhaps general promotional kits. These kits have a tendency to be unique structurally which have high-quality decorations and can be interactive to a degree. For sales kit or product launch kits, the purpose is to help the salesperson perform a demo to a retail chain for example or maybe a distributor. It could also be to showcase the launch of a brand new product line. Most importantly the kits in question must deliver a large and instant impact from the moment someone first interacts with it or reveals it in order to catch the attention and to deliver the message and overall keep their interest.

Welcome Kit Packaging

For large companies such as American Express or Visa, they want to provide customers with their member card along with valuable information about the program that their customers have just enrolled themselves in. All of this is contained in a high quality branded package. Clients that specialize in hospitality that specialize in loyalty or reward programs for the frequent visitor also use a welcome kit that includes cards and reward information. The purpose of the packaging is to make the customer receiving this package feel important and special for choosing the clients brand.

Packaging Design

 When you evaluate your packaging design, it means that you are taking into consideration all of the nuances that will affect a user’s experience (UX). Something as simple as a magnetic flap that will snap shut and opens in an extravagant yet simple manner will become a showcase for the contents of the box. Some other packages feature a brochure like opening that is tied together with a nice ribbon and wound around a button. Sometimes the package may be a pop-up design that reveals windows and gift card holder. This and other unique design aspects will provide clients with the ability to choose from numerous possibilities that Fulco Fulfillment Inc. will put together just for you.

A high-quality design in your kits will need an extra layer of protection during the shipping process. An extra outer shipping box may be necessary when keeping clients in mind.

Consistency and Brand Value

When you’re establishing and maintaining a certain brand, consistency will play a vital role. The quality that you provide your customers in kitting and fulfillment will go a long way in building loyalty in your brand.

In conclusion

Kitting is a great way to get the attention of your customers and doing so with a proper design and a little bit of creativity will go a long way for you. Customers like products that stand out to them, it’s the reason they bought your product in the first place so why would you not deliver a stand out kitting package that shows you appreciate them? We here at Fulco Fulfillment Inc. in Dover, New Jersey will put together even the most complicated kitting for you to save time and energy. We want to help you put together the greatest product that you could possibly conceive and truly deliver on what you promised for your customers.

If our kitting services appeal to you then give us a visit at  https://www.fulcofulfillment.com/our-services/kitting/  or give us a call at 973-361-1700. We would be happy to help you with kitting your beautifully designed welcome kits to the highest degree. From everyone at our fulfillment warehouse, we look forward to working with you.

The quality that you provide your customers in kitting and fulfillment will go a long way in building loyalty in your brand.